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» SSP Pack 95 Leadership

Cubmaster - Tony LaMotte

Assistant Cubmaster - Will McEvoy

Assistant Cubmaster - Dan Anderson

Treasurer - Derek Schille

Parent/Committee Chair - Joseph "Chip" Jansen, Jr  

» Upcoming events
7/10 Cub Scout Resident Camp (Open to all Tigers, Wolves and Bears) **Option Two **
7/25 Arrow of Light - Webelo II Resident Camp (Elisha and Michael's Den only)
8/8 Tiger Day Camp - Lions turning into Tigers in the Fall - Date Tentative - August 8th
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» Den & Calendar color key

UPDATED for 2019/2020! 

  • Tiger Cubs (1st Grd)  = Den 5
  • Wolves (2nd Grd)  = Den 6
  • Bears (3rd Grd)  = Den 4
  • Webelo I (4th Grd) = Den 3
  • Webelo II (5th Grd) = Den 1 
  • Lions (K) = New Lion Cubs Den 2
  • Leader/Parent/Partner
» Scout Shop Information
St. Paul Scout Shop
Base Camp
    6202 Bloomington Road
Fort Snelling, MN 55111

      Hours: M-F: 9:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
      Sat: 9:30 a.m. -3:00 p.m.
Online Scout store:

» To help other people at all times...

Fall 2018 -  Pack 95 has always provided service opportunities to its scouts and families.  It is part of the Scout Oath, "To help other people at all times..." and the Scout service slogan "Do a good turn daily..."

We take pride in our community and there is so much we can give back.  The Pack 95 Parent Committee would like our cub scouts to participate in at last 2 of the 4 organized service projects or let us know how you've helped your neighbors / community.

  • Nov 3 & 10:  Scouting for Food - Supports Neighbors Inc
  • Jan 21: "Feed my starving children" food packing event
  • Feb 2: Ft. Snelling National Cemetery - Wreath clean up



Welcome to Pack 95,
South Saint Paul, Minnesota!

Pack 95 serves Lincoln Center of South St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Through our active boys, parents, and leaders we maintain a fun, safe environment that teaches our young men the skills and values they need to become outstanding citizens in our community and nation.

Pack 95 meets at 6:30 PM the first Tuesday of the month.  Check the calendar for location.  The Dens also meet up to two times a month at locations chosen by the Den and their families.

This web site has all the information you need to keep up-to-date on Pack 95 happenings.  See below for upcoming Pack events and important reminders.  Click on the links above for a full calendar, pictures, useful links or contact information.  Please check back often for updates and new content.



Pack 95 News:



2020 Pinewood Derby Virtual Race - rescheduled!

Hello Pinewood Derby Car Race Fans!

So the race is set and we are looking forward to some great competition! Get the popcorn and drinks ready! The manager at the SSP Airport has allowed us to set up the virtual race at the main terminal building. Thanks to this terrific outreach by the city! This will look a little different with our talented Mr. Allen Weeks setting up and running our first virtual live stream race. Thanks to Mr. Allen for being our go-to technical guy! We know some have built your cars, some have them in various stages (where did that 4th tire go?) and some Scouts still haven’t decided on a design. You and your Scout have plenty of time to finish up those loose ends.  *** 2020 Pinewood Derby Rules***

Here is the plan:

Pit Crew Days:

If you need to cut, or pre-weigh your car and do minor adjustments, let me know. I will plan on Tuesday June 30th and Tuesday July 7th to have the scroll saw, sander, scale and tools available from 6:30pm till 8pm in my driveway to use.  Social guidelines and masks required

Drop off Cars:

The date will be Tuesday, July 14th from 6:30pm till 8pm in the parking lot at Door 4 at Lincoln Center. We will be following social and safe guidelines. We ask that you please wear a mask when you arrive. We need everyone to please stay in your car and hand us your car(s) so we can weigh in each car, must be less than 5ozs and make sure it meets all the requirements listed in the above link on rules. If your car does not meet the rules, you can make adjustments at home and drop off at the SSP Airport main terminal on race day (Between Noon and 2pm).    

Race Day:

The big race will by Sunday, July 19th at 3pm. We will send out the link to the race a couple of days before the 19th. Please share the link with grandparents, family and others who want to see this truly and hopefully last “virtual” great derby car race.

Pick up Cars and Trophies:

Then on Tuesday, July 21st from 6:30pm till 8pm you can swing back into the parking lot Door 4 again at Lincoln Center to collect your car(s) and hopefully a trophy. Again we ask everyone wear a mask and stay in your car.  

*** If there is any reason you cannot make either the drop off or pick up please let me know and we can accommodate your request *** 

Lastly, there was an idea of having donations (door prizes) where we could pick out the name of a Scout from a hat for a prize during the race. If anyone would like to volunteer to put that together let me know.

We look forward to this great event and hope to see some additional great car designs added to the mix.

Attention Den Leaders

August - Have you seen the Updated "Leaders" tab at the top for den meeting and go-see-it ideas? All new den meeting plans for the new Cub Scout program.  Also note the "Training" Tab with information on required and optional training courses for leaders and both of those sections have the BSA's Cub Scout pod-cast. 


Making the most of
your family's scouting experience
Courtesy of Northern Star Council's "Navigator"

Whether this is your first experience or you've had a child involved for several years, there are many things you can do to take advantage of the opportunities available. As parents, you have varying roles to play depending upon the program and age of participant.

Direct involvement is highest in Cub Scouting, and decreases as members grow in their responsibility for program leadership and implementation through Webelos, Boy Scouting, Venturing and Exploring.

However, at all levels there are two keys ways you can help:
  1. Show an interest in your son's/daughter's Scouting accomplishments and achievements
  2. Take on tasks in support of the unit's leadership such as phone calls, event planning, driving to activities, or serving in a more formal leadership role as an assistant or primary unit leader.  

Kids do grow up so fast.  The time families spend together in scouting is cherished and talked about at gatherings long after participants have moved on to other stages of their lives. Make scouting part of you own family tradition.


A 2012 Journey to Excellence - Gold
Award Winning Cub Scout Pack


Pack 95 on Facebook

Fall 2019 - Pack 95 has joined Facebook as a way of communicating news, events and information to pack families.  The overall goal is to work with our website and reach more of the pack. Feel free to join, comment, and post.  We must follow BSA youth protection rules so no posting personal info or tagging last names of scouts in pics. It is a open group for viewing, but you must request membership to post in the group and receive updates.



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